The European Schools Newspaper February issue - Page 2

Hello! My name is Maria. I’m eight years old. I am a pupil in 2nd grade in a big school. My favourite subjects are: art, mathematics, English and sports. I like painting and pink, red, blue are my favourites. My school is beautiful and impressive. It has two floors, log corridors and large classrooms. In my classroom there are many desks and large windows. I like my classroom because is nice and bright. I invite you to visit my wonderful school! My name is Bianca-Maria, I am 8 years old and I live in a town named Barlad, in Romania. I am a second grade student at “George Tutoveanu” School. I like pink a lot, but I also like white. My favourite book is “The Little Prince” written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, because it presents a child’s experiences in knowing the world. I love building with the Lego parts, especially with the ones from the “Lego Friends” collection, because it’s a game that requires attention, but also you can do role-play. The school I study at is for students from first grade to 8th grade. The classrooms are big, clean and bright. They are decorated with special sheets for each year of study, and for the special days like Christmas, Easter, Child’s Day they are decorated with specific pictures. Inside the school there is also a library where students can borrow interesting books. Hello!My name is Ana-Maria. I have eight and the half years old and I learn at “G. Tutoveanu” School, in 2nd grade. My favourite at school are math and painting. My school is wonderful. In this school are learning many students. My school has a gym, with two lockers, for girls and boys, many classrooms, a library and a computer room. Welcome in our school! 2