The European Schools Newspaper February issue - Page 17

The European Schools Newspaper, Issue No 2, 47th Primary School of Piraeus School subjects by Irida, Eleanna, Elias & Alex This is our weekly schedule. Lessons start at 8:10 am and end at 1:15 pm. Day school continues up to 4:00 pm. This is our Library/ Chemistry Lab Monday Language Language Maths Science Religious subjects Art Tuesday Maths English History Geography Free time Free time Wednesday Language Language English French Science Geography Thursday Language Maths History Religious subjects Music French Friday Language Language Maths English Science Citizenship Our favourite subject is Maths because it makes us think. Our least favourite subject is History because it is difficult to remember all the names and events. We haven’t had a Physical Education teacher since the beginning of the year and we have missed our Music lesson for more than two months. Teachers by Kathrin, Vasia and Aphrodite There are eleven teachers in our school. We have interviewed two of them, Miss Iris (6 grade teacher) and Ms Helen (English teacher). th 2. What is your favourite animal? - I: Doplhin - H: I like horses and dogs. 3. What is your favourite hobby? - I: Reading books, listening to music, dancing, movies, going to the gym - H: Reading books, listening to music and going for walks. Our English classroom 4. Do you like teaching at this school? 1. What is your favourite color? - - H: Yellow and turquoise I: I enjoy it. - I: Red H: I like teaching very much and I love my school. 2