The European Schools Newspaper February issue - Page 14

THE TIMETABLE of E2 class by Kostas L. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Greek Language Greek Language Maths Maths Science Maths ICT Science French/German 10:00 - 10:45 Greek Language Greek Language P.E. English English 10:45 - 11:30 English English P.E. ICT 11:45 - 12:25 12:35 - 13:15 13:20 - 14:00 Maths History Projects Drama Geography Music Greek Language Greek Language French/German R.E. Geography Art R.E. Art Science History Citizenship 8:10 - 9:00 9:00 - 9:40 MY FAVOURITE PLACE IN THE SCHOOL by Kostas V. and John My favourite place is the basketball court because I play basketball with my friends and my team always wins (Kostas V.) My favourite place in the school is the music room because I like singing! (John) WHAT I LIKE/DON’ T LIKE ABOUT MY SCHOOL by Athina and Stevia I like the teachers, the garden, the water taps that have paintings, the basketball and volleyball courts and the large stage! I don’ t like the toilets, the dirty walls, the curtains, the closets and some children. SCHOOL ACTIVITIES by Spyros and Kostas V. At school we go on school trips, we go to the theatre/the cinema and to the stadium, we take part in competitions, games and educational programmes, we do projects, we put up shows, we have a choir, we recycle… There is a Parents’ Association, too, and they help the school to buy some of the things that we need. PRIZES MY SCHOOL HAS WON by Vassiliki and Rougen To raise money, they organise dance parties like the Carnival dance and lotteries. After Christmas we usually cut the traditional New Year’ s cake at school with the help of the parents. 4 Our school has won a lot of prizes, diplomas and certificates. Some of them are for taking part in games (volleyball, basketball, table tennis, cycling) and others are for taking part in environmental programmes. Our school choir has a diploma for taking part in a School Choirs festival (Karditsa, 2012) and our French learners got a prize in 2014 for making a poster.