The European Schools Newspaper February issue - Page 12

THE PUPILS by Andrew and Lucas In E1 class, there are 8 boys and 7 girls. The pupils’ names are: Jim, Kostas, Evi, Joanna, Konstandina, Jenny, Angelo, Chrisanthi, Alexandra, Nick, Mary, Spyros, Nick, Socrates and Lucas. THE TEACHERS by Lucas and Andrew We have more than one teacher who teaches us. Miss Angeliki and Miss Patty are our Greek language teachers. Mr Aris is our P.E. teacher. Miss Nancy is our English teacher. Mr Sakkas is our citizenship teacher. Miss Athina is out ICT teacher. Miss Katerina is our Drama teacher. Miss Christianna is our German teacher. Miss Eleni is our French teacher. Miss Irena is our music teacher. Miss Diamanto, the headmistress, is our R.E. teacher. THE SCHOOL SUBJECTS by Nick K. and Kostas L. THE SCHOOL CANTEEN by John and Kostas V. At school we learn: Language, maths, English, art, geography, science, history, P.E., ICT, Drama, French or German, R.E., citizenship and music. In E2 class, there are 8 boys and 6 girls. The pupils’ names are: Alex, Kostas L., John, Daniel, Ektoras, Georgia, Aphrodite, Vassiliki, Stevia, Athina, Micaela, Rougen, Nick F. and Andrew. They are hardworking and very friendly. Our school canteen has got a lot of different cheap foods. Every morning, in the first break, the pupils queue to get something to eat. You can buy: sandwiches, croissants, cheese pie, spinach pie, cheese rolls, sausage rolls, bread rolls, doughnuts, chocolate, soft drinks and coffee for the teachers. I believe that some of these foods are not so healthy. They could be healthier. THE MUSIC ROOM by Micaela and Jim THE COMPUTER LAB by Nick F. and Jim THE OFFICES by Jim and Micaela In the music room there is a piano, chairs, desks, a board, pictures and shelves with some musical instruments. In the computer lab there are 6 computers, 2 laptops, speakers, a scanner, a printer, a video projector, a white board, desks, chairs and shelves with CDs and DVDs. There is WiFi connection, too. In total, there are 220 pupils in the school. There are two offices, a big one for the teachers and a smaller one for the headmistress. THE TOILETS by Jim and Micaela There are 12 toilets for boys and 12 for girls but they are a little dirty most of the time. In my opinion, the pupils should be more careful so that the toilets are always clean! 2 MY CLASSROOM by Chrisanthi, Evi, Jenny and Mary My classroom is a very big room. We are fifteen students. My fellow students are very good and my teacher is very kind. Our headmistress is a very nice woman. In my class we learn maths, history, language, art, English, drama, geography, R.E. and P.E. There are 2 notice boards, 7 maps, 1 bookcase, 8 desks, 16 chairs and a lot of pictures.