The European Schools Newspaper February issue - Page 11

THE EUROPEAN SCHOOLS NEWSPAPER 18th Elementary School of Kalamata, Greece Reporters: Editor: the students of the th 5 Grade (E1, E2) Miss Nancy, English teacher An eTwinning project Issue No 2 – February 2015 MY SCHOOL My school by Lucas My school is the 18th Primary School of Kalamata. It was built in 1977 and 2.500 students have graduated by now. The building has one floor and 12 classrooms plus a music room, a library and an ICT room. We have a huge playground with a basketball court and a volleyball court. My classroom is nice with 4 maps. I like my school because in my opinion it is the best school in Peloponnese. OUR HEADMISTRESS by Micaela Miss Diamanto, our headmistress, teaches us R.E. She helps to fix broken things at school. She listens to us and solves our problems. She is a good teacher and most of the children admire and love her. MY SCHOOL by Evi My school is a very big but old building with a large playground. It has got one floor. There are 12 classrooms, a teacher's office and a headteacher’ s office. There is a computer lab, a music room but there isn't a chemistry lab. There are a lot of bookcases, a kind of library. There is a school canteen, a schoolyard, a lot of toilets, a dining room, an Assembly Hall but there isn't a gym. There is a basketball court, a volleyball court but there isn't a football field. THE BUILDING by Socrates and Alex S. My school was built in 1977. It is very old and needs painting. It has one floor and a large playground. It is sunny. There are 12 classrooms, a music room, a computer lab, a teachers’ office, a headteacher’ s office, a canteen, a school library and 24 toilets. Every classroom has got three windows and two doors. Unfortunately, there is litter in the school. THE PLAYGROUND by Alex S. and Socrates The playground of the school is very big and beautiful. There is a basketball court and a volleyball court. There is a variety of trees, like orange trees and pine trees. When it rains heavily, parts of the playground get full of water. It’ s a good playground but I’ d like it to have a football field, too. The winner of our December issue is ________________________________________________