The European Schools Newspaper April issue - Page 7

THE EUROPEAN SCHOOLS NEWSPAPER ISSUE N. 3 WHAT IS SALAMANCA FAMOUS FOR? Salamanca is famous for its UNIVERSITY TOURISM - People from all over the world come to Salamanca due to its history, monuments, beauty and food. A BIT OF HISTORY - It was founded in 1134 and given the royal charter of foundation by King Alfonso IX in 1218. - - The city of Salamanca (or ‘Helmantika’) was founded in the 4th century B.C. by the Celts and Romanized later. It is the oldest university in Spain. - - It is an important link for the Roman ‘Road of the Silver’ which crossed the Peninsula Its Latin motto, translated into English is: what from North to South. nature doesn’t give, Salamanca won’t provide. It shows the prestige the institution rapidly acquired. - During the War of Independence, the French Army was defeated in the Battle of - It is the top-ranked Arapiles (a village of Salamanca) university in Spain due to the number of students - Salamanca was also important during the Spanish Civil War. Here a famous archive coming from other regions. was created with the documents obtained - It is also known for its by the national troops. Spanish courses for nonnative speakers. There are - With the establishment of democracy and the arrival of democracy, Salamanca foreign students all along became a cosmopolitan city. Its culture and the year. heritage grew more and more. - It is an important centre for the study of humanities, especially language studies, Apart from its history, Salamanca is wellas well as laws and known for its many monuments, emblematic economics. places all around the city, its legends and its - There are different university campuses in Salamanca with several faculties in each of them. - Scientific research is carried out by the university and some research centres associated such as the Cancer Research Centre, the Institute of Neuroscience of Castile and Leon or the Ultra-short Ultra-intense Pulse Lasers Centre. food. Let’s discover more things about Salamanca!