The European Schools Newspaper April issue - Page 5

The European Schools Newspaper, Issue No 3, 47th Primary School of Piraeus The Archaeological Museum of Piraeus provides a representative picture of the history of the city in ancient times, from Mycenaean times to the Roman era (1600 BC500 AD). Some of the exhibits are extremely rare, for example, the oldest surviving cast statue in Greece, a ’kouros’ (young male statue), statues of the goddess Artemis etc. all brass works dating back to the 4th century BC. The Hellenic Maritime Museum of Piraeus is the museum of the naval history of the country, the largest in Greece. Some of the most important exhibits are part of the Cononian Wall and the ship sheds where the ancient ships, ‘triremes’, were repaired. Also, a collection of 10,000 volumes of rare nautical books and maps can be found in the museum. The Hellenic Naval Academy was completed in 1904 to house the school of naval officers for the Hellenic Navy which until then operated unofficially in a battleship named ‘Hellas’. It is considered one of the best military schools in the country and one of the most distinguishing architectural establishments in Piraeus. The Hatzikiriakio Institution was founded in 1889 by Ioannis Hatzikiriakos, a cotton merchant from Smyrna, to house the orphaned and homeless girls in Greece. This neoclassical building has been characterized as a ‘Work of Art’ and a ‘Historical Monument’ by the Greek Ministry of Culture. It was severely damaged during the 1999 earthquake and was therefore found unsuitable for the housing of children. The boarding school, dormitories, and administration offices are sheltered in temporary lodges in the surrounding area. The existence of the institution has also given the name to the area where the building is situated. 5