The European Schools Newspaper April issue - Page 23

THE RAILWAY PARK by Costas, Spyros, Lucas and Nick K. KALAMATA BEACH and other BEACHES by Aphrodite and Stevia It is a big park with old trains, lots of swings and slides for the little children, basketball and volleyball courts, a pond with ducks, a lot of trees and flowers and a cafeteria. People like walking in the park and children like running and playing there. Kalamata beach is long and perfect for swimming. It has a lot of tourists. Some other beautiful beaches are Almiros beach, Mantineia beach, Kalogria beach, Agios Nikolaos beach, Velika beach and Makrinamos beach. THE PORT – THE MARINA by Spyros, Costas , Lucas and Nick K. Mt. TAYGETOS by Athena, John and Georgia Kalamata has got a big port for boats, ferries and cruise boats. It has also got a modern marina for yachts. If you prefer the mountain to the sea, Taygetos is close to Kalamata, with its forests, caves, gorges, trees and animals. It is perfect for hiking and relaxing, doing sports or camping. In the winter it often snows there and if you drive for about an hour, you can enjoy the snow!! A BIT OF HISTORY by Nick K., Spyros, Evi and Jenny Kalamata was occupied by the Turks for hundreds of years like the rest of Greece. But Kalamata was the first Greek city to be liberated. On 23rd March 1821 it was taken over by the Greek revolutionary forces under the command of the generals Theodore Kolokotronis, Petros Mavromichalis and Papaflessas. In 1825, the invading Ibrahim Pasha destroyed the city. On 13th September 1986 a very strong earthquake (6,6 on the Richter scale) caused heavy damage and killed 20 people in Kalamata. the start of the Greek revolution