The European Schools Newspaper April issue - Page 19

The second part of our school was built at about 1950. I play football Penny, Vassiliki the Christie th By Angela, with my friends and all andboys of the 5 grade at school. I do not like the fact that it does not have a garden with trees, a football The Olive Oil Press volleyball court or a computer room. I would also like a gym! field, a The press was constructed in 1940 and has been working since then. During the past 75 years the machines used were changed and new came. At harvest time the olive oil producers bring the olives to the press. 1. First, they put the olives in a special machine which removes twigs and leaves from the olives. After that, the olives are immediately washed in a special washing machine so that they are completely clean. 2. They are put on scales and they are weighed. Then they are carried to the grinder which crushes the olives into a paste. 3. The 3rd step is the malaxing –the mixing- of the paste. It allows small oil droplets to combine into bigger ones. 4. Next, pipes take the paste into a special machine which separates the oil from the vegetable water and solids. 5. After that the oil is filtered in special tanks. 6. Finally the oil is placed in barrels which the producers can take home. 7. Also, oil is put in tanks of 3-5 tons which is exported to other countries. 3rd: The malaxing –the 1st : Olive twig remover Harvest time, olives in sacks mixing- of the paste 4th: Separating the oil from the vegetable water and solids. 5th: Oil in special tanks 4 6th : Oil is placed in barrels