The European Schools Newspaper April issue - Page 14

Hello! I`m Marina. I`m from Barlad, too. I want to tell you that in Bârlad there are very old and very good high schools: Colegiul National ”Gheorge Roșca Codreanu” (”Gheorghe Roșca Codreanu” National College) - the only national college in the county of Vaslui, Liceul Teoretic ”Mihai Eminescu” (”Mihai Eminescu” Theoretical High School), Grupul Scolar Industrial ”Alexandru Ioan Cuza” (”Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Industrial High School) and Liceul Pedagogic ”Ioan Popescu” (”Ioan Popescu” Pedagogical High School) and great schools. Hello, everyone! I’m Maria. My native town is Barlad. It is a small and nice town. There is a theatre, two large parkas, many schools and hospitals. There is a main street and many secondary streets. There are a lot of houses and bloc-of-flats. I like my town! 4