The European Schools Newspaper April issue - Page 13

My name is Bianca, I am 8 years old and I live in the city Barlad, from Romania. Barlad city has a population of approximately 55.837 people. Barlad is a wonderful city, with civilised and friendly people. Here you can take a walk in two very beautiful parks, full of grass and playgrounds for the children. In one of the parks there is also a Zoo, the biggest in Moldova and it has a variety of birds, fishes and exotic and autochthonous mammals. The parks attractions are felines but also the playful monkeys. Barlad is also a cultural city. ”Vasile Parvan” Museum was created at the initiative of professor Stroe Belloescu and of a few Barlad’s intellectuals. In the museum are preserved and exposed archaeology pieces (bronze deposit, Neolithic statuary art, jewellery since III- IV centuries), numismatics (Roman and medieval thesauruses), history (documents, books, weapons and accessories since VII – VIII centuries, parts regarding Barlad’s personalities), art (painting, sculpture, furniture and upholstery, ceramics, porcelain, glass, jewelleries since XVII – XVIII centuries). It has cultural goods ranked in the national cultural heritage (since 1600 until 2012). In 2006 an Astronomic Observatory was opened and a Planetarium in 2009. ”Victor Ion Popa” Theatre is another city’s cultural objective. Here you can see interesting parts, inspired from the Romanian and universal dramatic literature. You are all invited to come in Barlad and enjoy a quiet and beautiful city. Hello! I live in Barlad city, a town from Romania. It is a small town, situated in east of our country. It is a beautiful town where there are many schools, churches and restaurants. You can also visit the “Victor Ion Popa’’ Theatre and the “Vasile Parvan’’ Museum. In spring and in summer children can visit the Zoo and they can play in the Public Garden. I love my town very much! 3