The European Schools Newspaper April issue - Page 12

Heloo! I’m Daria. I’m eight years old. I’m from Barlad, Romania. I like Maths, I like reading and I like playing tennis. I love painting. I also love animals. I have a small dog named Mickey. I’m in second grade at ’’George Tutoveanu’’ School. Many of my friends are studying here. My school is very good and I learn many interesting things here. My lady teacher is very nice and I love her. Some of classmates have become my friends because I’m a friendly and nice girl. I want to present my town: Bârlad, a small but a nice town. There are many important places in my town: museums, a theatre, a public library, a cinema, a park, a public garden…take a look! ”Stroe S. Belloescu” Public Library ”Victor Ion Popa” Theatre ”Marcel Guguianu” Museum ”Vasile Pârvan” Museum ”Mihai Eminescu” Cultural Center The City Hall 2