The European Schools Newspaper April issue - Page 11

”George Tutoveanu” School, Bârlad, Romania Reporters: 2nd grade learners Editor: Mrs. Adina Stratulat, primary school teacher Issue 3 - APRIL 2015 Mrs. Mihaela Teodorescu, English teacher Bârlad (Romanian pronunciation: [bɨrˈlad] is a city in Vaslui County, Romania. It lies on the banks of the Bârlad River, which waters the high plains of eastern Moldavia. Barlad is a lovely little Romanian town, situated in Moldavia, near the most important town of the region, Iaşi. Any Barlad History guide would have to start with some of the earliest historical ages as archeological discoveries placed this small town at the beginning of man’s historical evolution. Therefore, there are remnants starting with the Paleolithic Age, while the Neolithic, the Bronze and the Iron Age are very well represented by all sorts of tools and objects preserved till present day. Anyone who is interested can see them in the town’s museum called Vasile Parvan Museum. The first document attesting the existence of Barlad dates from the Medieval Age, more precisely from 28th June 1401, when the Moldavian ruler Alexandru cel Bun (Alexander the Benevolent) issues an act of ownership among whom there is also a squire named Negrea of Barlad. This town became really important during the reign of Ştefan cel Mare (Stephan the Great) as the High Steward of the Moldavian region had his residence here. Furthermore, the Chancellery of the Moldavian Region under the reign of Ştefan cel Mare was Barlad as well. Not to mention the fact that the Moldavian ruler also had a large fortification built in Barlad to protect his country against the attacks of the Ottoman Empire which was expected to counterattack after the defeat at Vaslui. The development of the town was sometimes impeded by the many attacks of the Ottomans, the Polish, or the Tartars. Bârlad features a total number of 43 school units, of which 23 kindergartens, 12 primary and secondary schools, 4 high schools, one vocational school, one music and arts school, an orphanage for preschool children and one for school children. All these units are subordinated to the Romanians Ministry of Education. The four high schools in Bârlad are Colegiul National ”Gheorge Roșca Codreanu” (”Gheorghe Roșca Codreanu” National College) - the only national college in the county of Vaslui, Liceul Teoretic ”Mihai Eminescu” (”Mihai Eminescu” Theoretical High School), Grupul Scolar Industrial ”Alexandru Ioan Cuza” (”Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Industrial High School) and Liceul Pedagogic ”Ioan Popescu” (”Ioan Popescu” Pedagogical High School). 1