The Ethical Web Magazine Fall 2014 (Standalone) - Page 9

Cyberbullying and what can be done about it

View the YouTube video "Stand Up to Cyberbullying," produced by the Federal Trade Commission, at

It is important to remember that Bullying is abusive behavior and should be approached in the same manner as domestic abuse and assault.

It is not just the act of physically tormenting a victim. Communication abuse includes offensive slurs, name-calling, and making insults that affect the physical, mental, emotional health of another human being. Some types of bullying behavior may overlap with others.

Unwelcome sexual conduct, hostility towards race and sexuality, and discrimination based on identity are all encompassed as types of bullying behavior (What is bullying? 2014). Threats and acts of violence are used repetitively as an attack on the victim. In 2010, teen Alexis Pilkington was