The Essential Guide to Doing Transition. The Essential Guide to Doing Transition. - Page 62

Where next?

Well that’s very much up to you. We really hope that this colourful and, hopefully, inspiring guide has given you everything you need to kick this process off where you live. With the right structures and processes in place, you will be able to do some amazing things. What do you long to do? What do you long to create and see emerging into the world around you, into the place you call home? Transition starts with smaller projects, which are vital in giving people confidence, a sense that change is possible, and what might be their first ever experience of working collaboratively with other people.

Transition is deeply ambitious. It wants to change the way the places we live feed themselves, house themselves, employ themselves, power themselves. That’s a big ask. And it will take time, determination and togetherness. But what’s vital to remember is that how you do your projects matters as much, if not more, than what the projects are. What we are doing here isn’t just creating projects that reimagine and rebuild the world. What is just as important is that the way we work, the organisational cultures we create, should also model the kind of world we want to create. There’s no use trying to create a new, healthier and more resilient culture if we end up replicating the unhealthy ways of relating and working that underpin our current culture.

So what you do, what you create, is limited only by your creativity and by the degree to which you allow yourselves to believe that anything is possible. Keep your inspiration up by keeping an eye on what other Transition groups are doing around the world. And then go change the world, starting with your own little corner of it.

Ungersheim in France is an amazing example of what Transition can achieve with the full backing of the local government. It's a story that is now the star of it's own film, Qu'est ce qu'on attend? (What are we waiting for?) created by film maker Marie-Monique Robin.