The Essential Guide to Doing Transition. The Essential Guide to Doing Transition. - Page 52

Developing Transition can be chaotic, but don’t worry!

Don’t worry if it feels chaotic developing Transition in your community as any new project when being set up has to find its own way. The core elements are there to help you do this, but don’t

let them constrict you or stop you doing stuff. Most of all have fun, enjoy the challenges and build the future you want for your community.

Here is a checklist to see if you have got everything in place in your Initiating Group.

• We understand the role of an Initiating Group

• We know all the skills that we have in our group and the gaps

• We understand what Transition is

• We have decided on what geographical area we want to cover

• We have thought about how Transition will fit into our environment

• We have registered on the Transition Network website or with our National Hub

• We have contacted nearby Transition Groups

• We understand how to run effective meetings

• We have decided how to make decisions as a group

• We have thought about how to involve new people

• We have looked at the Support resources available on the Transition Network website

• We understand the need to actively seek and create balance between Task, Process and Relationships?

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Transition Stroud's 'Potato Day' in a local shopping centre: Photo: Jonathan Goldberg.

Transition Network Resources

You can find a whole range of resources to help you achieve the above here: