The Essential Guide to Doing Transition. The Essential Guide to Doing Transition. - Page 5

Why this Beginner’s Guide?

We now have 10 years' experience of supporting groups bringing Transition to life in over 50 countries, in towns, cities, villages, institutions. We have a pretty clear idea now of what works and what doesn't, and we want to share that with you so you can be as effective as possible as quickly as possible.

We have created a lot of resources to support groups doing and being, Transition. In this Beginner’s Guide we will signpost you to everything you will need as you begin the journey to doing some extraordinary things where you live. Think of this as your Transition Starter Pack.

Take it, run with it, do amazing things.

Some Numbers

This Guide is based on 10 years experience of making Transition happen in 1,400 communities in 50 countries and contains:

64 pages

1 Transition Healthcheck

7 Essential Ingredients of doing Transition successfully

3 ‘Keepers’ every meeting should have

1 ‘Magic Number’

7 Ingredients for ensuring diversity in your group

11 Tips for Good Celebrations

5 Stages of Group Life

37 ideas for practical projects you could initiate