The Essential Guide to Doing Transition. The Essential Guide to Doing Transition. - Page 49

Questions we hear a lot:

I live in a village in a rural area. Surely I can’t do Transition here?

Where people are spread out often many villages combine to create a Transition Initiative. If there’s a town with an initiative near you they may also provide some groups and meetings that you can work alongside.

Working with others

In the same way that we can't do Transition

on our own, your Transition initiative will struggle to do what it wants to without networking with other groups.

For example, in the early days of Transition Town Totnes, a lot of energy was put into networking with other groups and co-presenting events and so on. See our 'How to create partnerships' guide here:

Start networking

This is a good point to register as an initiative with Transition Network, a very simple process. You should also sign up for the Transition Network newsletter by registering as an individual so you can keep up with news and developments. You could also find out which other initiatives exist near you, and make contact with them, or with your regional network if one exists. All of this can be done here:

Audience members introducing themselves to each other at a Transition event in Luxembourg. Photo: Carole Reckinger.

A community art project in Brasilandia, a favela in São Paulo, Brazil, co-ordinated by Transition Brasilandia. Photo: Boa Mistura.