The Essential Guide to Doing Transition. The Essential Guide to Doing Transition. - Page 43

5. Keep it changing: At the Transition Lewes event there was a choir, a couple of talks, some poetry, a raffle, more singing, bagpipes, dancing, the opportunity to interact with Transition Town Lewes projects, mention of the campaign for a community take-over of the site we were on, food, drink. Keep it changing.

6. Dancing. A good celebration really benefits from the opportunity to have a good dance. The perfect way to wrap up a good celebration.

7. A sense of context: Invite other local organisations you've interacted with to have stalls, whatever they like. Celebrate the web of connections and relationships you've created and the sum total of what you have produced between yourselves.

10. Critical Mass: A really good celebration needs a good turnout. Try to make sure you have a good crowd in.

How to do good celebration

Lessons from Transition Town Lewes' 'Seven Year Itch' Transition Party