The Essential Guide to Doing Transition. The Essential Guide to Doing Transition. - Page 42

1. The invitation: Make sure your invitation is clear, that people know it will be fun, what's happening, what's being celebrated. Invite people personally. This is celebration after all!

2. Food and Drink: It's a celebration, and celebrations need refreshment. Feast well. Celebrate your local food culture.

3. A capturing of what's being celebrated: Give form to what you've done and achieved, and what's being celebrated. Create a timeline, a display of photos, a film of your story so far. Celebrate the small things as much as the bigger things.

4. Look Forward: This celebration is not the end of the whole thing, merely a pausing point. Where might the group go next? Find fun and engaging ways to capture people's ideas for where to go next.

8. Document It!: Have someone there to take photos, or video, or to document the event in some way or other. You'll be glad subsequently that you did. Getting all those people together in one place won't happen again in the same way.

9. No graphs!: By all means have someone along to give a talk, but keep it upbeat and positive. Tell stories, make it funny. Keep the energy up. It's a celebration, remember!