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Reflect & celebrate

Reflecting on how your group is doing and celebrating what you’ve achieved is an essential part of Transition. It’s important to create space to assess what you have done and explore how well you work together as a group. Discussing and addressing issues early, can help you avoid burnout and respond in a healthy way to conflict. And, if you take time to understand the impact your activities are having in the world then you know if you are moving towards the vision you have developed for your community. Remember appreciation is usually a good place to start!

Make sure you stop and celebrate what you have achieved. Otherwise, you can forget all the great stuff you have done and it’s also a good excuse to get together and have a party.

Food is really, really important. In a slightly personal way, I bake biscuits

for the council meetings that I chair. And it’s really interesting how that

broke down a whole formality, just by starting a meeting with tea and

coffee and biscuits that come from a recipe that my mum made. It makes

the whole thing more human and acceptable, and that’s exactly the kind

of thing that Transition groups are doing all the time”.

- Peter Macfadyen, former Mayor of Frome and founder of Transition Frome.

Transition Brixton's amazing 'Unleashing Cake'. Photo: Amelia Gregory.

Acknowledging the difference you're making