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"It’s so remarkable to speak with people from 20 countries, the perspectives, the genuineness, it’s been really moving".

- Carolyn, US

Why does it matter to be part of an

international network of Transition initiatives?

"Things can seem so fuzzy when you’ve been working all day long with Transition in a group process, it can get a bit complicated, you don’t always see exactly a clear focus. To talk with all the people here and get feedback from people who are doing such similar jobs, that really helps to see more clarity and also to feel confidence that you are going in the right direction".

- Lynn, Netherlands

"It’s been great because of all the diversity of the gathering, sharing stories and the friendship, the interconnection, the heart and soul and the brain also for dealing with

our own realities back home and it's been a very friendly environment so thanks for

the invitation".

- Raúl, Mexico

"I made a lot of new friends internationally and I had a chance to really explore how I can connect more to the international part of Transition. Also it's been really enriching to experience how things get cooked and prepared on this scale. And also it's been really funny, this is inside information, it's been really fun and I loved it".

- Andre, Romania

"It really has become a family including all the people who have not been here before, so even the people who are within the national network for the first time feel very included right from the beginning, if we can keep this spirit and this kind of meetings then globally Transition is going to be wonderful".

- Gerd, Germany

"We feel like we are not alone here. We feel that this change is possible and it’s already happening, so I am very happy".

- Juan, Spain

"The last few days have had lots of creativity and inspiration and I think I’ve got lots of energy for the coming things we have to do"

- Ana, Spain

We asked people attending the Transition Hubs Gathering in Copenhagen (2014):