The Essential Guide to Doing Transition. The Essential Guide to Doing Transition. - Page 37

Whether it's webinars,, our conferences, networks of regional Transition groups or connecting through social media, becoming more connected to the wider movement, according to our experience, really helps Transition groups to do better. You may also find that there are regional networks of Transition groups where you live who can give you support

and advice.

And don't feel you can only share your successes. Sharing your challenges and hurdles, and your reflections on why things didn't work, is just as useful. There's a movement out there, make the most of it!

“When we get together, it’s like everyone is feeding everyone else.

There’s this atmosphere of ‘I tell you… you tell me’. Everyone listens,

then someone comes up with another idea. It’s like collective

excitement, collective inspiration, collective knowledge, coming

together for the profit of the group. You can feel the thrill.”

- Emiliano Muñoz, Portillo en Transición, Spain.

“Transition provides me with the knowledge and contacts I need for

the uncertain future ahead”.

- Russ Carrington.

Transition Network Resources

Read our guide to Making the most of being part of the Transition movement here:

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