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Transition Network Resources

You can download our guide to ‘Developing Practical Projects’, which is packed with insight and good ideas for ensuring your projects have the best chance of success here:

It may be that running Open Space events is a great way of generating ideas and enthusiasm for your Practical Projects, see the guide here:

"It's amazing. I've been living in Portalegre for ever, 37 years, and I

have felt my community and my city crumble, people turning their

backs on each other. The community garden we created tells me it is

possible to do things with other people. It is possible, we just need

to wake up to each other again".

- Sònia Tavares, Portalegre em Transição, Portugal.

Practical projects provide lots of different ways for people to get involved in Transition, as well as acting as really important demonstrations and public manifestations of Transition in action.

Ultimately, they can be what leads to the creation of new enterprises in your community, and of new livelihoods and employment and training opportunities. One of them might even morph into your new career! They are also vital because they show that not only is change possible, but that it is already happening.