The Essential Guide to Doing Transition. The Essential Guide to Doing Transition. - Page 30

Practical projects

The success of the Transition movement rests on us making tangible changes in the world. For some of us this means stepping out of our comfort zone and moving beyond ideas and meetings to taking tangible action. There is real power in stepping across into action, into making tangible changes to the place where you live. There is no prescriptive list of projects you should do, rather these will emerge from your group, its interests and its passions. You will, however, find a list of suggestions for ideas of small practical projects you can run as Transition overleaf and here: As time goes on, these projects will become increasingly ambitious and impactful.

Members of 1000bxl en Transition in Brussels building the raised beds for their ‘Potager Alhambra’ food garden in the centre of the city’s red light district. See more about their work and other projects in the video to the right. Photo: Jan Leerman.

Inspiring others with what you do