The Essential Guide to Doing Transition. The Essential Guide to Doing Transition. - Page 22


Inviting your community to get involved in Transition

Through the work of thousands of Transition groups, we are learning loads about how to involve our wider community in Transition. We have learned that it is primarily about learning to develop relationships beyond just our friends and natural allies - and that this takes time and patience. Rather than asking how can we engage people in Transition, we need to start by asking: how can we make Transition relevant to everyone in our community? We need to ask and listen to what people's respective needs are - especially those who are most marginalised, both economically and socially.

Doing this well can really help to raise awareness about Transition, and help people to understand the issues that Transition addresses. It also helps people to see that they can actually make a change in their community, and it can inspire new people to get involved.

Cardiff Transition's public picnic was a great way to invite the public to meet the project and to get involved. Photo: Cardiff Transition.