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Transition Network Resources

You can find our guides to creating and maintaining healthy groups, making decisions and our Inner Transition activities for meetings at

People often look at the great projects that come out of Transition: community energy projects; local currencies; ambitious food projects and so on, and they assume they happen by magic.

But central to any project being successful is a healthy group.

Creating healthy groups is something we aren't taught in school, or in most work settings.

It requires a set of skills and tools that we may well not have. So we have created a number of resources about healthy groups that will give you a clear understanding of how groups develop, the ability to make decisions, the ability to run successful meetings, keep people in your group, document what you're doing and manage conflict.

“When we get together, it’s like everyone is feeding everyone else.

There’s this atmosphere of ‘I tell you… you tell me’. Everyone

listens, then someone comes up with another idea. It’s like collective

excitement, collective inspiration, collective knowledge, coming

together for the profit of the group. You can feel the thrill.”

- Emiliano Muñoz, Portillo en Transición, Spain.

Food is a time-honoured way of creating a good group culture. At the Transition in Action Youth Exchange in Hungary, Italian participant, Andrea, shares his pizza-making skills with the rest of the group. Photo: Hajnal Fekete