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Business Kratzmich Sales All Year Long I Rabbi Issamar Ginzberg Monetized Intellect Consulting The Ba’al Eitza and Acclaimed Marketing Expert 718 971-5220 have a long term client who called me last week others. There’s even a great book called “wacky to thank me for helping him with his online days” which discusses how to start a holiday of business where he made a whopping $500,000 your own. last year. He made most of his sales during the And for each of those days, publicity events gift-giving end of November and December are prepared weeks or even months in advance, which we refer to as “Kratzmich Season.” No, I with thousands of media advisory companies, don’t get a percentage of his profits, thanks for pitching products for specific purposes based wondering. But I’m happy to watch a yungerman on the media calendar of each particular succeeding in business, baruch Hashem! publication. For example, if I know that Forbes Now that it’s already February, his sales have is doing a health related issue in mid- June, I tapered off again, and he’s selling only 3 - 5% of would want my health related tschoktcke profiled the daily volume he was selling last year. He’s not in that issue’s article. At the very least, I’d like an sure what he can do for his business for the next ad placed there, since it ties in with the subject half year. Packing and shipping boxes is tedious instead of just being random and irrelevant to the but ultimately doesn’t take much time. As he said, issue before or after. “There’s nothing I can do but wait for Kratzmich By targeting one day a month where we will Season again.” seek to create media buzz around one of his After listening to his analysis of his business, products, we want to build consumer demand-what he sees as pushing demand, and the from the buy side-- and be’ezras Hashem, sell direction that would be best for him, here’s what many more products as his item becomes more I told him: and more mainstream. “Essentially, what you need is Kratzmich once Sodastream is a company that has recently a month, right?” become very mainstream here in Israel after He chuckled and agreed. But he also kind of many years of trying. When you pass through thought I was kidding. I wasn’t. Over the next Ben Gurion Airport, there’s a huge display of half hour or so, I guided him through some of empty Coca-Cola (and Pepsi, etc.) bottles and a the thinks he could do to generate more business small machine that says: “This machine makes all year long. as much soda as all these bottles- without the One of the ideas was hiring someone I know waste!” This is a great marketing strategy. to do PR for his products. I don’t mean PR as in Of course, Coca-Cola went ahead and sued paying the local Jewish publication to put in an them, unhappy with the Sodastream marketing item about your grand opening; I mean real PR. tactics. But did they win or lose? I don’t know, It’s unpaid for, legitimate PR in national media as I haven’t followed the story. But even if they that drives interest in a product. did lose, you can be sure of one thing: Being sued Once, I arranged for a different client to get by Coca-Cola was certainly good for Sodastream PR, which ended up with his product on a marketing-wise because it underscored their very prestigious media outlet “Good Morning point. America” for its uniqueness-- and he promptly You, too, can have Kratzmich Season several times sold out of every last machine in stock. a year. How? That’s a vital question to ask yourself. There are calendar markers like Mother’s Day which are well known, and some lesser known SEE ALL RABBI ISSAMAR GINZBERG’S BUSINESS ones like “National Cheesecake Day.” There’s Best Hechshorim National Cancer Awareness Day, and many AvailableWWW.TEU.CO.IL TIPS AT Friendly american stuff YOUR KOSHER ONLINE JERUSALEM GROCERY STORE » STRAIGHT TO YOUR DOOR! Amazing sales!!! bargain Prices!!! That was easy! Widest selection of american products Thousands of products to choose from! COME VISIT US at 129 Maalot Dafna 8 THE ENGLISH UPDATE Best hechsherim Available phone: 054-686-1400 Fax: 02-582-7252