The Emerald Newsletter | Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Spring 2017 - Page 46

The importance of buying from licensed vendors

By: Jessica Juarez, Alpha Epsilon Alumnae

This is a reprint from the winter 2015 edition of The Emerald

Stoles. Letter shirts. Tikis. Jackets. These are all items we look forward to purchasing at various times of our KDChi journey. We save money for the KDChi Store at conference. We add them to our birthday and Christmas wish lists. Once received, we wear these items with pride. So it’s fitting that we take great care as to who buy these items from.

Did you know that not just anyone

can manufacture or

produce these items? Companies, or rather

vendors, have been

carefully selected by

our licensing representative,

Affinity Consultants. In

2015, KDChi partnered with

Affinity Consultants, Official Greek Licensing to

manage our trademarks. Affinity Consultants

represents over 100 other

Greek-letter organizations by reviewing products,

contracts, and handling legal matters.

The process is rather simple.

Potential vendors

apply for a license and send in


of their products. Once

it is reviewed

by Affinity, the sorority enters into a legal contract which entitles the vendor to use our name, Greek letters, shield and other symbols. The vendor repays the organization for such rights by sending in royalties from sales.

less than a year, Affinity Consultants has garnered the sorority access to 48 vendors! Some who only previously provided products for NPC and IFC organizations. This only proves how strong our brand has become and what a viable market multicultural sororities are.

A few long standing KDChi vendors have registered with Affinity and its program. For example, our beloved Leticia Obregon, who changed her company name from Greek Creations to Greek 4 All. Others are Greek Underdog, C. C. Creations, and Collegiate Greek.

New vendors include Nava New York, a jeweler, Spirit Jersey, Kapsil Greek Specialties, and Sororitee. It serves to mention that Nava New York chose KDChi as the first NALFO organization it chose to license.

Our list of vendors includes photographers, screen printers, promotional products companies, and more traditional Greek shops. Make sure to look for the Official Greek Licensing logo and check out our list at

Sisters can apply to be licensed vendors as well. If you have questions about licensing, contact our Vendor Manager, Jessica Juarez.

To see a complete list of offical Kappa Delta Chi vendors go to

Jessica Juarez was initiated fall 2004 at the Alpha Epsilon chapter at Balylor University. She is a radio sales professional and Premier Designs Jeweler. Jessica is the vendor manager for Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. She is a mother of two and committed to Michael Perez.