The Emerald Newsletter | Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Spring 2017 - Page 41


KDChi Marketing

Materials Available

By Gina Garcia, VP of Public Affairs

Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc. wants to be sure our sisters know the many marketing resources that are available to assist chapter members develop effective and aesthetically pleasing communications that properly represent the KDChi brand. From power point templates to correct usage of our logo, it’s essential our members have the tools and resources to represent our organization in a professional sense.

To develop the brand, Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. worked in partnership with Hot Dog Marketing Inc. of Austin, Texas to develop an award-winning logo and brand identity to reflect the evolving needs of our community service and professional organization. Led by Kappa Delta Chi's Vice President of Public Affairs Gina Garcia, with the help of our National Administrative Council and members of the Board of Directors, the branding initiative began taking shape over the course of 2015.

Where can you find these tools?

Go to and log into MemberClicks. Once you’re logged in, click Resource Center Tab and scroll to Marketing Tools. This release is an overview, not an all-inclusive detailed list of what’s available.

Branding Guide:

This document was produced to help sisters develop effective and aesthetically pleasing communications based off of our new KDChi brand and logo. Use this guide to:

- Create and work with vendors to use approved styling using our official KDChi logos and visual elements

- Explains all of the KDChi templates available for download and details font types, sizing etc.

- Understand visual stylings and order KDChi branded business cards for your chapter

KDChi Branded Templates:

- Download a template for KDChi branded PowerPoint presentations

- Download templates for KDChi branded letterhead (with and without officers listed)

- Download recruitment brochures, postcards, rack cards for recruitment and distribution

Marketing Manual:

This document was produced to helps sisters develop effective ways to market their chapter and includes many resources like the following:

- Effective ideas to market your chapter

- Pantone colors for our shield and brand logo

- Understand what KDChi has trademarked

- Tools to create beautiful flyers for events

- Web site design tools and examples of current chapters who are in compliance

- How to create QR codes

- How to write request letters for donations, speakers etc.

- Style guide detailing punctuation, titles and correct verbiage when writing about our organization

Our members are now able to access marketing resources via MemberClicks. KDChi President Melanie Rodriguez shared, “As a sisterhood, Kappa Delta Chi Sorority drives change in our communities everyday through service that blends education and professionalism. We are proud to share this new brand that propels our visual identity.”