The Emerald Newsletter | Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Spring 2017 - Page 39


What it Takes to be Part

of Sorority Life

Rene Delgadillo, Staff Reporter, The Prospector Daily

January 24, 2017

Sororities and fraternities may often be associated with hazing and parties in which members of these organizations do nothing but consume alcohol. UTEP’s Greek life tries to think differently.

Karina Arroyo, a recent UTEP graduate, said being part of Kappa Delta Chi was a great experience, which allowed her to be actively involved while she was a UTEP student.

“I was involved in school and I got to do community service, which looks awesome on resumes. KD Chi helped (me) grow as a person because it helped me develop people skills,” Arroyo said. “Joining KD Chi was the best decision I’ve made because I enjoyed college from a different perspective and I met awesome girls, whom I get to call sisters.”

Arroyo said her sorority differed from others at UTEP because she felt that everyone was welcomed.

“KD Chi never focuses on appearances. We come in all shapes, sizes and colors. What we have in common is that we all are Latina,” Arroyo said.

Arroyo said a member of her sorority was not accepted by another sorority because of her size.

“Their loss was our win. She’s now a KD Chi sister,” Arroyo said.

Alyssa Martinez, vice-president of Alpha Xi Delta, said Greek life organization committed students who want to work together as a group.

“I have experienced recruitment from both sides, as a potential new member and as a recruiter,” Martinez said. “Living in a border city, we are surrounded by diversity and we welcome it. Physical appearance is nowhere on our minds when recruiting because the way someone

looks has absolutely nothing to do with helping an organization be successful.”

Martinez explained the recruitment as a weeklong process consisting of three rounds, or “parties” each night, which provides possible members with a chance to visit each sorority. Each night has a different theme: an open house, a sisterhood night, philanthropy night, preference night and then a bid day. These are some of the events they take part in before the current members make a formal decision of who will become a new member.

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(From left to right) Junior psychology major Clarisse Sanchez, junior kinesiology major Victoria Rodriguez, and sophomore electrical engineering major Astrid Chacon dance in Centennial Plaza as part of Welcome Back week.

Spring is coming, and with it come more reasons to travel - Spring Break, post-graduation trips, and Conference this July. Here are some tips for travelling safely so you can enjoy your travels with little worry!

Do Your Research - Spend some time reading reviews of the places you intend to stay and the sites you intend to see! Choose lodging options with several positive reviews and steer clear of areas that are or may be considered dangerous.

Budget, Budget, Budget - Keep a chart of what your spending will be. Factor in a little extra for any amounts you are estimating, like food and cabs, and set aside an emergency fund so you aren't caught off guard by unexpected costs.

Protect Your Stuff - Keep your valuables either on your person or locked in a safe in your room , and only take what you need with you, both on the trip and when you go out!

Have a Backup Plan - In addition to your emergency fund, plan what you will do, who you will call, and where you will go in case of an emergency. Being prepared with a plan ahead of time helps prevent panicking if anything does happen and can help you avoid worrying about the possibilities so that you can make the most of your trip.

Use the Buddy System... but if you're travelling alone, provide your itinerary to someone you trust and make check in regularly with that person so that they know your whereabouts.

Stay Alert! - Keep your eyes open for suspicious activity. If you're using headphones, keep one ear uncovered so that you can hear what's going on around you. Watch your belongings carefully and leave nothing unattended.

"Happy to announce that I have been appointed to the House Appropriations Education Subcommittee.

This committee is responsible for appropriating Texas tax dollars to public and higher education. That includes your neighborhood public schools, El Paso Community College, UTEP and Texas Tech El Paso Medical School.

I'm looking forward to this incredible opportunity to help influence the lives of our youth from Pre-K to post-grad!"

- Mary Gonzalez

Pi Alumnae and Former National

President appointed to the Texas House Appropriations Education Subcommittee

AUSTIN, Texas – On Feb. 14, the day everyone talks about love, state Rep. Mary Gonzalez, D-Clint, called a news conference to have a little chat about the birds and the bees.

"We say we don't want abortion but we're also not providing sex education that will limit teen pregnancy," Gonzalez said.

That's where House Bill 1547 comes in. Gonzalez' bill will require sex education classes teach age-appropriate, evidence-based information on birth control in addition to abstinence.

"If we know we have a problem in Texas with STIs and teen pregnancy, don't we have the obligation to have the conversation about whether or not our sex education curriculum is working?" she added.

A new study from the Texas Freedom Network (TFN) found the current curriculum isn't working.

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Texas Rep. files bill to expand sex education

A Tip From Risk Management