The Emerald Newsletter | Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Spring 2017 - Page 23

Kappa Delta Chi Unveils

New Branding Initiative

Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has worked in partnership with Hot Dog Marketing Inc. of Austin, Texas to develop a new award-winning logo and brand identity to reflect the evolving needs of our community service and professional organization. Led by Kappa Delta Chi's Vice President of Public Affairs Gina Garcia, with the help of our National Administrative Council and members of the Board of Directors, the branding initiative began taking shape over the course of 2015.

KDChi’s National President Melanie Rodriguez is excited about the opportunities the rebrand offers, “KDChi is growing and evolving. This is the perfect time to update our visual identify to reflect who we are as a sisterhood."

The branding process started with polling of our membership to gain insight as to what characteristics and visual brand they felt our organization represented and in what direction they wanted to see the organization go. Garcia then produced a request for proposals based off of the feedback that was shared with 15 marketing companies from across the country including Los Angeles, California, Georgia and New York.

Hot Dog Marketing, located in Round Rock, Texas, was chosen based off of initial consults, feedback and their portfolio. Hot Dog Marketing has worked with over 200 local and small businesses in the past three years and has come to be known as a service-oriented agency, a cause that hits close to home for the KDChi family. KDChi was Hot Dog Marketing’s first national rebranding project led by creative director Brandon Cornwell. KDChi leadership worked hand-in-hand with the marketing company to craft a logo and branding initiative that exceeded the expectation.

Once the branding project was near finished, terrific news came that for its branding and graphic design project for KDChi, Hot Dog Marketing won a 2015 MarCom Award. The MarCom Awards recognize outstanding creative achievement by marketing and communication professionals. There were over 6,500 entries from throughout the United States, Canada and 15 other countries in the 2015 competition.

“Our KDChi family is thrilled to have had the opportunity to work collaboratively with Hot Dog Marketing on an award-winning rebrand that gives us the look and feel that best represents our community service organization,” said Gina Garcia, VP Public Affairs. “We went into the partnership and rebrand project with open minds about what the creative process would bring and we’re moving forward with all of our organization ecstatic about it. The new brand gets who we are and the message we’re trying to share with the public.”

This year, KDChi will unveil the logo and launch the rebrand over the course of several communication initiatives. Our members will be able to access the needed materials via a member-only access via our online portal. "As a sisterhood Kappa Delta Chi Sorority drives change in our communities everyday through service that blends education, professionalism, and cultural awareness,” Rodriguez shared. “We are proud to share this new brand that propels our visual identity.”

KDChi is also looking forward to growth and strengthening in all areas of the organization and is excited about the future, including a 30th anniversary in 2017. Kappa Delta Chi is available online at and at @KDChi.

Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. is a Latina founded, 501 c 7, national sorority who aims to achieve professional development, academic excellence, and graduation of all its members; an organization dedicated to community service to their local university communities with an emphasis on the Hispanic/Latino population.


Connie Ann Tucker, Alpha Beta Alumna San Antonio, Texas

KDChi has impacted my life by: helping me become a better prepared businesswoman. From organizing and planning events, to networking and public speaking, understanding different levels of professional attire, learning to work with people from different backgrounds & different communication styles, and developing strategic thinking, KDChi has helped me become a successful professional. I honestly don't know how successful I would have been if I hadn't rushed KDChi because what I encounter in my professional world are so much easier knowing all the skills and abilities I developed in college through KDChi. I am so very blessed to have had this experience, and hope my daughters will one day have this, and so much more!

One of my favorite kdchi memories: There are honestly too many to share, but one thing I will never forget are the sisters I formed lifelong friendships with, not only from within my chapter, but also with sisters I got to meet and become closer as a national officer. From throwing Veronica Lucena in a pool in our first meet, to almost missing a flight from national

conference with Laura Chipres & Sofia Garza, to the first memories with Rosie Stewart at my first national officer meeting, to my first step shows with Paula Martinez & Cristina Colunga as an undergrad, to having sisters at my wedding & (the many!) pregnancy announcements, to meeting my Lils, Grandlil, & everyone else in my family, I have almost 15 years of beautiful memories (and crazy shandigans) with many sisters and friends, and this is truly a blessing for me. Thank you to all my sisters who have blessed me with their friendship, we have a lifetime left to create many more!!!

Bel Pedroza, Alpha Iota Alumna

Austin, TX

How has KDChi impact your life? by making me a better me. I learned more about myself since my initiation in 2009 and has fueled my fire to teach new sisters to be passionate, not just about KDChi, but whatever it is they have a passion for. KDChi also prepared me for the professional world, not only in how I dress, but also I a speak and approach others.

One of my favorite kdchi memories: when I was initiated into KDChi. When I was no longer by myself. I had my class sisters, my chapter sisters, and my big sister by my side and we could conquer the world or at least undergrad.

Kayla Worthy , Alpha Sigma

Alumna, Orlando, FL

How has KDChi impact your life? by providing a national support system and instilling a belief that you are always capable of more than you think you are.

One of my favorite kdchi memories: One of my favorite KDChi memories is split between two moments: The car ride back to New York from Chicago with fellow sisters. We became closer that weekend and only just met. The other is being a bridesmaid for one of my role models as I went through the process with my class. I was inspired by this woman at my first informational and extremely proud to be a part of her special day.

Annette Campos Gamma Chapter Alumna, El Paso, Tx

How has KDChi impact your life? by showing me that I have a support system I can turn to and feel comfortable reaching out to when I feel like I have no one else to talk to.

One of my favorite kdchi memories: when I became an Active Alumnae to help re-charter Gamma Chapter and was able to serve as a National Officer.

Amanda Calton,Beta Beta Alumna

Ogdensburg, NY

How has KDChi impact your life? by providing me with so many things I wouldn’t have had without it. These are a couple of the big ones:

First, the sisterhood. We truly are a family. Sometimes we fight and disagree, but in the end I know there

will always be a sister there to help me get back on my feet, to give me the pep talk I need to keep moving forward, and to make sure I have a boat-load of fun!

Second, the opportunity to serve. While the opportunity is always there, KDChi gave me greater access and a new, more effective channel to serve through. Some of the service projects and events I’ve participated in through KDChi have been the ones I am the most proud of.

One of my favorite kdchi memories: I attended my first conference in Lubbock for our 25 year anniversary, the summer after I’d been initiated. I flew into Houston and met four alumnae (and some of their families) who opened their arms to me immediately – they picked me up, let me stay at their homes, and shared the nine hour car ride with me. They even tolerated my over-the-top excitement at seeing a cactus for the first time! This was when I realized that KDChi was exactly the kind of sisterhood I hoped it would be. To top it off, I got to meet our founders! At that point they were like celebrities to me and I’d never dreamt I’d actually get to interact with them in person. That conference was not only one of my favorite KDChi memories, but one of the best experiences of my life so far.