The Emerald Newsletter | Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Spring 2017 - Page 22


The Impact of Kappa Delta Chi

Veronica Lucena, Tau Chapter, University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee Alumna

Currently, Indianapolis, IN. I have lived in many cities and looking to move again very soon.

KDChi has impacted my life by: Giving me a network of sisters to support and be supported by across the country! If you don't use it, you won't feel it! I have definitely used it and have met new sisters and friends constantly.

One of my favorite KDChi memories was when... I've been a sister since 2003 and even before that KDChi was so fun and welcoming, how do you choose a favorite?!? There are thousands!

One of my favorite kdchi memories: I would say more so than a favorite moment, but a moment when a vision came to life was in Fall 2011. My biggest "why" for joining national leadership was to grow KDChi in my Midwest region, and when I oversaw the chartering of our Alpha Omega and Beta Alpha Chapters it was a very emotional moment for me. It was a vision that many worked to make reality. We have continued to grow and I love it!

Melanie Rodriguez, Theta Alumna

Houston, TX

How has KDChi impact your life? KDChi taught me to be the leader I am today. I grew in public speaking, leadership, networking, mentorship and so much more!

One of my favorite kdchi memories: The first time I brought my daughter to conference. It was the 25th Anniversary conference in Lubbock. She was just over a year old at the time. She loved hanging out with all the sisters and running around. She got her first legacy shirt. The best part is I got to take a picture with my wife Cindy (also a KDChi), my daughter, and our four amazing Founders. Every time I look at that picture I feel all the love, respect, and support of our sisterhood.

Diana Garcia, Charter Class, Northern Illinois University Colony

Undergraduate, Class of 2017, Cicero, IL

How has KDChi impact your life? by learning how to become an effective, stronger, empowering, and motivating leader within my newly established Class, the NIU community, and throughout my community engagement and the peers that I have had the fortune to work with. I have also flourished as a person. The bond that I have created with all my Class sisters and those whom I have met, has been nothing short of amazing. Each sister has shown me and exemplified what grace, unity, honesty, integrity and leadership looks like. We love one another warmly every single time we see each other. Becoming part of this sisterhood has been such a blessing and one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I can now proudly say that not only am I an impactful leader, but I am a woman confident in oneself, I am independent and I know to always set my standards high in every situation that I face. KDChi truly, 'til the day that I die.

One of my favorite kdchi memories: When my Class sisters and I went to our first presentation as official sisters, to the Beta Omicron Chapter at Northwestern University, and we sat with all of our other sisters from different chapters. We sat down, and roll-call began. They mentioned down the list of all of the organizations and then it was our turn. I chanted 1-9-8-7 as loud as I could with all of our sisters, and the unison that was felt while chanting, was felt down to my core. It was so empowering because this is what I seeked for. This chant represented our sisterhood. We may have different cultures, we may have a different race/ethnicity, or socio-economic background, or may even be struggling with different issues, but when we are together, nothing matters, than being their for each other and staying united as one, just as that chant. It was incredibly empowering! I will never forget that day.

Dajana M Harkness, Iota at New Mexico State University, undergraduate

Las Cruces, NM

How has KDChi impact your life? by gracing me with the best sisters and network anyone could ever ask for! This sorority has definitely captured my heart and soul.

One of my favorite kdchi memories: when I got to meet my big for the first time. She has been one of the greatest impacts on my life since becoming a sister.