The Emerald Newsletter | Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Spring 2017 - Page 21


Michelle Carbo, Beta Omicron - Northwestern University

Undergraduate, Class of 2017, Chicago, IL

How has KDChi impact your life? by awakening the leader inside of me and allowing me to empower myself as a proud Ecuadorian muxer as well as allowing me to acknowledge my position

of privilege and giving back to my communities and my roots. KDChi's lesson on service has always stuck to me because before joining, I just thought that service was an act of kindness that any human being can engage in. And, while that may be true, I was able to discover the true meaning of service which is not only to do it for kindness, but to also make sure that the individuals that you are serving are no longer in a position of need. That goes to show me that a KDChi's work is never done and that is completely fine by me. In a place where people of color and marginalized communities are constantly facing inequities, discrimination, etc., it is my duty as a KDChi to work for these communities and make sure that is no longer happening in this country, and I would have never thought of myself as someone capable of doing that if it wasn't for that simple lesson of service that was taught to me by KDChi.

One of my favorite kdchi memories: when my class sisters and I did our Charter Class presentation. It is one of my most treasured memories yet. We've faced so much in bringing KDChi to campus that I was so happy in being able to show pride in my organization. It was truly one of the most loudest and cheerful moments. I was so happy to be a sister and getting to be able to showcase what I have learned. A lot of sisters came, even sisters that I never met, but the fact that they came out for all of us new sisters showed me how deep the sisterhood runs. It also helped me get out of my shell and be unapologetic and unafraid with my place in greek life. I am a PROUD penguin of Kappa Delta Chi.

Josselyn Medrano, Lambda Alumna

Phoenix, AZ

How has KDChi impact your life? Providing me with a diverse support system. Within our sisterhood, I have found strangers who quickly became friends, a mentor who I can turn to for any educational or professional advice, many strong women who I can look up to and admire their journeys, and most importantly, I have family.

One of my favorite kdchi memories: me and my new member sisters had our first break down. I remember all of us putting everything on the table, good and bad, tears were shed that were followed by laughter, and in

the end, we came out of that room more determined than ever. This memory is one of my favorites because I was able to really get to know my new member sisters and I also knew from that from that point on, we were all in it together for whatever life may bring us. And this still remains the same! :)

Brianna Beltran, Beta Beta Alumna, Charter Class

Natick, MA

How has KDChi impact your life? By giving me an extended network of inspiring women all across the country.

One of my favorite kdchi memories: attending my first National Conference in Chicago. It was the first time I had been surrounded by so many sisters. I had so much fun exploring the city with new and old friends, and the conference itself was great! It made me want to become even more involved in our organization.

Akisha (Axel) Hernandez, Beta - Texas A&M Univeristy (WHOOP!)Alumna

Friendswood, TX

How has KDChi impact your life? By giving me a place to be who I am - however that may look at any particular time, flaws and all - and still be accepted and loved by my

sisters. I have grown into the woman I am with my sisters by my side, learning from you, being challenged and inspired by you. I am honored to call you all my sisters, and my friends. Thank you Irene, Cyndi, Nellie and Melissa for creating a space that doesn't pressure me to be anyone other than the best version of myself.

One of my favorite kdchi memories: I was an undergraduate presenting research in downtown Los Angeles, and I went to make copies at a Kinko's (before it was FedEx). There was another young woman that I noticed and I felt compelled to talk to her about KDChi. Her name is Nanette Munoz, and it turned out she's a sister from Delta!!! We immediately reacted - hugging, jumping up and down with excitement in a copy store in downtown LA. There might have been 1-2 odd looks in our direction, but that didn't matter. It was such a joyful moment and reinforced my believe in KDChi as true family. It's knowing that no matter where, when I meet a sister, she is no longer a stranger. We have a connection, and will help one another however we can.