The Emerald Newsletter | Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Spring 2017 - Page 20


Dearest Sisters,

The first half of the 2016-2017 academic year is coming to an end and we hope you're on track to achieve your goals. Whether it's increasing your GPA, applying for an internship, exploring a new major, or simply trying to balance your academic life, you're halfway there. Most importantly, it's the time to assess your graduation track. Are you on the right path to success? Any important deadlines you need to keep in mind? Use the beginning of the new year, as your opportunity to reevaluate, recharge and reset!

As a KDChi sister, we all know there are projects, deadlines, busy times, happy moments and yes, even stress sometimes, that come with your role in our sisterhood. During your break, we encourage you to focus on yourself! Take a breather, spend time with loved ones, do something you love, and process what you have learned. Always remember to value your well-being and take care of yourself emotionally, physically and mentally.

Lastly, the Collegiate Affairs team wishes you a happy holiday season and a fabulous new year! We send our warmest wishes from our family to yours.


Cynthia Esparza-Trigueros & the Collegiate Affairs team!

Updates from Collegiate Affairs

The Impact of Kappa Delta Chi

Jenika Q. Williams, Delta Alpha Chapter

Epsilon Class, Fall 2013, Owosso, MI

How has KDChi impact your life? helping me find my voice as a woman and as a woman of color

One of my favorite kdchi memories: was when I won the award for Alumna of the year in 2016 Kappa Delta Chi means so much to me, and I put a lot of time an effort into being a Sister so it feels really good to have my hard work recognized.

Rebeca Cerda, Alpha Kappa, University of Wisconsin -Madison

How has KDChi impact your life? Before joining Kappa Delta Chi, I rarely stepped out of my comfort zone. I enjoyed being a follower and even feared leadership. However, after initiating into Kappa Delta Chi, I have learned important life-long skills like leadership and confidence. I will forever be grateful because KDX has introduced me to this amazing sisterhood. I have endless study partners and have found my support system on a predominately white institution. My values have become so much more integrated into my life because of my sisterhood.

One of my favorite kdchi memories: My favorite memory from KDChi has to be the night of my presentation. My class sisters and I worked so hard during our entire process and in preparation for my presentation. I was so excited to show the community everything my class sisters and I had accomplished in so little time.

Angelic Garay

Alpha Zeta, UNLV; Southern Nevada Alumna Chapter

KDChi has impacted my life by: KDChi has impacted my life by being the little Angel on my shoulder. The organization always whispers to me to be a leader, allowing me to grow in roles I would have never imagined taking. The sorority always nudges to me not to live under a rock, and enjoy the simple pleasures of friendship. But above all else, KDChi always shines light on me to do what is morally right -- be it for my community or myself!

One of my favorite kdchi memories: One of my all-time favorite KDChi memories was the 2013 Alpha Zeta Bachelorette Extravaganza. We happen to have 5 brides and the sisterhood wanted to celebrate them with a big bang before they tied the knot! With a road trip to San Diego and special dress-code themed days, we spent the weekend enjoying the best part of our sisterhood - each other! #BEX2013

Briana Jarnagin

Beta Theta - Northeastern Illinois University

Undergraduate, Class of 2017

Chicago, IL

KDChi has impacted my life by: by expanding my network and allowing me to get to know young women who I otherwise may not have befriended. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone and exposed me to young women from various backgrounds and walks of life who I learn from and appreciate each day. It has given me a home on campus, which can be especially difficult when you attend a commuter school like NEIU.

One of my favorite kdchi memories: when I attended the 2015 national conference in Chicago, and we received chapter status. I had just initiated that spring, so it was a little overwhelming, but attending the conference opened my eyes to how

powerful KDChi was and introduced me to sisters from across the Midwest and the country! I'm thankful that I was able to share my city, celebrate our accomplishment, and dive right into one of the most rewarding parts of our sisterhood.

Viviana Ortiz, Delta Chapter - University of Arizona - Alumna

Minneapolis, MN

How has KDChi impact your life? By giving me lifelong friendships which provide me with a lot of support especially since I’m so far away from home.

One of my favorite kdchi memories: when I received both my chapter little at Delta and my charter little from CSUSB. Being a big to a charter little is different than being a big to a chapter little but I have loved the difference between both experiences. The relationship I share between myself and each of my littles is unique but both have definitely taught me how to be a better mentor and a better version of myself, sometimes I think they teach me more than I teach them.