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3 Letter From the National Communications Officer

TAMIU Recognizes KDChi for League of

Empowered Women 4

5 Sisters Publishing and Painting Company

Sister Spotlight 6

8 Sister Designs San Antonio Fiesta Medal

A word from the Natl Alumnae Association 9

10 NAA Getaway

Lets Celebrate! 16

17 KDChi 30th Anniversary! #KDChiTurns30

Letter from the National President 18

19 Letter from Board of Directors Chair

The Impact of Kappa Delta Chi 20

24 A Word From Our Founders

Founders Sightings! 26

28 A Trip Down Memory Lane

KDChi Applications open for All Natl Positions 30

32 State of KDChi

Flashback to 1987, What was cool then? 33

34 KDChi History up to now

#LeadingWithIntegrityUnitedThroughService 36

38 I am a Cuban Millennial...Tip from Risk Management, Alumna Kudos

Pi Alumnae/Former KDChi National

President Appointed to Texas House 39

40 Wait...What Was That?

KDChi kudos & Marketing Materials 41

42 Penguins Around the World

Support the Emerald Foundation through

Amazon Smile 44

45 Life in our KDChi Sorority

Vendor Info 46

48 KDChi Conference info

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Major General Angela Salinas

Updates from Collegiate Affairs