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By Anibal Ortiz, Gazette-Times

Magali Sanchez dreams of a better world — a world where diversity is cause for celebration, not discrimination.

The second-oldest of seven children in a family of farmworkers, Sanchez often found herself acting as translator for her Spanish-speaking parents when she was growing up.

Sometimes, that meant having to pass on hurtful comments from a medical receptionist or grocery clerk who viewed her family as second-class citizens. She also noticed the toll that field work took on her parents, both physically and emotionally.

"The treatment workers receive, whether you're documented or undocumented, it's basically the same," she said. "I see my parents now and I'm like, wow, you all are aging so quickly."

Sanchez knew she wanted a better life for herself, and she decided that a higher education was the way to get it. Now, after becoming the first member of her family to enter college, she's about to earn a bachelor's degree in ethnic studies with a minor in Spanish from Oregon State University.

She gravitated toward ethnic studies because it was a way to address the discrimination she and her family had to contend with as Hispanic farmworkers.

"They talk about all the things people don't want to talk about," Sanchez explained.

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Oregon State University Sister Magali Sanchez Fights for a Better World


Name: Magali Sanchez

Age: 22

Hometown: Woodburn

Degree: Bachelor's degree in ethnic studies with a minor in Spanish

Extracurriculars: Leadership liaison for El Centro Cultural Cesar Chavez, executive director of Unified Greek Council, vice president of Kappa Delta Chi

What's next: Plans to study in Barcelona, Spain, this summer, then take a gap year living with her family in Woodburn before enrolling in grad school to pursue a master's in ethnic studies

Congrats to Cecilia Torres & Hugo Torres Reyes on their beautiful wedding!

Let's Celebrate!

Congratulations Chelsea Raye Poplar & Jaylin Poplar! I love y'all and I wish y'all a beautiful life together ! ❤ 💍 #wedding #classsister #3 #love

- Ariel Marina Barrera, Zeta Chapter

"THIS just happened! I am officially a citizen of the United States of America!

My husband, kids, parents, and FIL all attended and we're seated next to me when I took my oath.

It was an amazing experience with 1391 people from 109 different countries becoming citizens all attended the once. Everyone was friendly, congratulatory, and we were ONE!

This day has to be one of the most exciting of my life!

- Astrid Novak, Zeta Alumnae