The Emerald Newsletter | Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Spring 2017 - Page 12


By Angelic Garay, Alpha Zeta Alumnae, VP of Alumnae Affairs

On November 13 – 20, 2016, the National Alumnae Association hosted the first ever NAA Rush Week. The weeklong event was an opportunity for alumnae to highlight their ongoing experiences as an alumnae of Kappa Delta Chi. Many memories included Big-Lil love and family trees; to service and traveling with sisters. We celebrated precious moments such as graduation, and even had rare gems of 90’s sisterhood time. We hoped that undergrads not only got to see who paved the foundation of our organization, but get excited to be able to share this legacy one day as well.

The other priority of this week was to recruit more members to become Active Alumnae. Not only were dues 25% off, but we had webinars highlighting many of the privileges NAA members partake in. Members were able to see what it takes to run an Alumnae Chapter and understand how the Delta Alpha Chapter came to exist. We hope that alumnae would get excited about what going across the nation… which they did! We had _**_% increase in NAA membership in one week alone! #GoNAA

To learn more about becoming a member of NAA contact VP of Alumnae Affairs Angelic Garay at


NAA Discount Time!!

The National Alumnae Association could not have been happier for Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. reaching its 30th year milestone! We want to take a moment to thank all our alumnae for making this moment possible. Each sister helped lay down a brick of today's foundation, and we appreciate our members for paving the way!

As a special thank you, alumnae will be able to become a NAA member for only $87 during the month of April 2017! Use the special promo code PaveTheWay! to receive the discount.

We hope that our members will continue to join KDChi on this extraordinary journey. There is so much in store not only for the next year, but the next decades, and we would not want to share it without you! #GoNAA