The Edmonton Muse November 2017 - Page 44

Entertainer of the Month

The names 'Forbidden Dimension' and 'Jackson Phibes' are almost a staple in the YEG music scene, despite their hometown being our provincial neighbors, Calgary. But their influence has made a strong presence here. There are not many people who are not familiar with the name, the artwork and the performances of this trio.

They have developed a strong cult following over the three decades as well. A lot of these attendees will go and watch the band 2, 3 or even 4

shows in a row, traveling along the tours and not wanting to miss a moment and I can't blame them!

The performances are amazing! Interactive, fun, unique all with a twisted sense of imagery and musical character. Their music preys on the genre of horror-esque lyrical madness with comedic undertones and a creepiness that you can not help but want to listen to. Mixing in some punk rock, rockabilly and straight up rock n'roll rhythms, they have cornered the horror-rock genre.

Each show has it's own amazing artwork, sometimes they have their own merch. Sometimes there is face-painting and sometimes the performances have their own little twist. They keep it fresh but still sticking to the theme of Forbidden Dimension that so many have grown to know and love. There really is no question as to how this band has survived 30 years!