The Edmonton Muse November 2017 - Page 36

Erik Cheung (, has explored the diversity of lines throughout his career.

Both his abstracts and representational works attempt to transcend viewers to his quest for an alternate grace, exploration, moments, metamorphosis, transitions and the subconscious… basically a side note to life.

Over the years, he followed the different art genres in history as he developed his own philosophy and outlook. Michelangelo, Monet, Schiele, Klimt, Hundertwasser, Joan Mitchell were then, one after another, his idols to study from but he always managed to grow out of each with a quality gained.

He was juried into the North Park Gallery exhibition in 1988 just upon graduation. Soon after, he relocated and took up an art teaching profession for 20 years in Hong Kong.

During this time he started his long list of art exhibitions on the side. While teaching

students, he was exposed to calligraphy and various disciplines of designs. This knowledge was later adapted and applied into his life size drawings and paintings.

Over the teaching years, he traveled widely to France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Japan, China, the States and even Australia to expand his worldly view and mainly to see quality art in person. It was 2010 when he moved back to Canada for good. It was a time of change and so his art followed.

In the past years, his abstracts focused on clarity and were done in balanced harmony.

Artist of the Month

Erik Cheung