The Edmonton Muse November 2017 - Page 28

I am about to share with you one of my “hidden gems” right here in Edmonton. My favourite European buttercream in the city; Vienna Bakery.

This is a family owned operation that has been in Edmonton in one form or another since 1959. Oma and Opa ran the business from 1987 until they retired in 2005. Brian Jaeger took over the business in its current location in 2011.

Business of the Month:

I have been volunteering with Deadmonton Haunted House for the past 5 years. The floor manager was doing some bookkeeping for the bakery so we would often get cookies and sheet cakes from Vienna for the different fundraisers and celebrations that we had as a team. Best. Buttercreme. Ever.

Doing a bit more exploring, I found out that they were a European bakery and actually made “Bee Sting” cake (Bienenstitch) and not only is it available as a whole cake, but as a single slice as well. My favourite. Heaven.