The Edmonton Muse January 2019 - Page 25

The Muttart Conservatory is already a beautiful and magical place. Add some holiday cheer, interactive events and some stunning light displays and you have all of a sudden fallen into a fairytale.

'Wednesday evening at the Muttart offers a unique indoor winter experience that is picture perfect for a first date or longtime lovers night out.

With an ever changing line-up of events, Wednesday nights at the Muttart offers you the after dark opportunity to sip and stroll through all the pyramids while experiencing the unexpected.

Culina Muttart local Popups are a fantastic way to support YEG! Eat local, drink local at Culina Muttart!' says organizer Angie Blades.

I had the pleasure of attending this event and it was nothing short of amazing. Indulging in the natural beauty of the flora and faunathat the Muttart is known for, while also enjoying some tasty treats, it definitely made for an incredible and memorable night.

On top of everything, our very own, Mariam Qureshi was hosting the paint night that took place in the centre!

With many more events happening in the future, you still have time to go and experience the Light Walk until January 31st. And even though Wednesdays are dedicated to adults, Thursdays are open to families!

For more details and information, you can go visit or click the image below!

The Light Walk at The Muttart Conservatory takes the cake for date nights in YEG!