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10221 109 St NW


Edmontone Studio has been around for over a decade and has been the home to great albums from musicians like Nuela Charles, Christian Hansen, Colleen Brown, Amy Van Keeken and Ann Vriend. It has built a reputation of developing amazing sound from amazing talent through, now previous owner, Doug Organ.

This iconic Edmonton studio has recently gone under a change of ownership. As the torch passes on from Doug, a trio of passionate, professional and driven individuals have come into this place with big goals and a community based mindset.

Adam Stark, Jennifer Jenkins and Trevor Rockwell have decided to take on a new venture together and they really haven't wasted a single moment since the takeover! The changes that have already taken place have set the pace for what I can only describe as highly motivated and a necessity for our local music scene.

They are two recording engineers and a business manager, each taking on their own outlined tasks, creating a very well balanced partnership with aligned goals.

It probably helps that this isn't a career move for any of them. They are all set well into their professional lives, this is purely a passion project, taking the weight off of trying to make a living and placing the focus on their targets and ambitions. Also, I think it is important to mention that they are extremely good at what they do, with extensive experiences and knowledge in each of their related roles.

Their ultimate goal is to be a studio with an open door policy and safe space that is dedicated to creating a community base that brings all kinds of people together.

'Safe space' has really been a hot topic for the Edmonton Music Scene as of late. There has been a lot of light shed on the dark side of what happens in places involved in the entertainment industry in our city, leaving a lot of people not feeling comfortable being in certain environments. So, for this group to be aware of that and taking the extra steps to make this place safe, is definitely a step in the right direction.

No matter your calling, genre or sound related need, this studio is going to be breaking barriers and making waves for our local communities. Which also makes it for very good reason, that we here at The Edmonton Muse are proud to be in alliance with a new company partnership with Edmontone! Exciting things are coming on both fronts, so be sure to tune in and book your next sesh!