The Edmonton Muse February 2019 - Page 34

Edmonton comedy has a long and decorated history. It's tough to dispute the two top comedians (who remained in the city and didn't leave for other centers) would be Rick Bronson and Andrew Grose. While they don't do as much comedy as they used to thanks in part to a successful chain of comedy clubs and a hit radio show (respectively). The patriarch of comedy is hands down Ken Valgardson, affectionately known as Kenny V. He's a bit of a founder in the scene and still tours the country.

Edmonton can also lay claim to San Francisco International Comedy Competition Winner Rob Pue and the beloved (and hilarious) comedian Paul Myerhaug. Who have both toured internationally for a few decades.

With big shoes to fill, the title of 'Edmonton's Top Headliner' might fall to the likes of Lars Callieou, Sterling Scott and Sean Lecomber. With a laundry list of credits from US Tours to Just for Laughs to the Melbourne Comedy Festival, these three have been wowing audiences around the world for 10+ years.

If you're not already familiar with them, we highly recommend them. There are certainly a lot of other great headliners in Edmonton but we didn't have space to mention everyone.

We have also made a list of 'Top Up-And Comers' for the Edmonton scene. We chose 10 of the funniest and most active 'newbies' to hit the stages. They are some of the finest new talent that our city has to offer and we are looking forward to seeing where their careers take them.

We could go on and on about each one of these amazing comedians, however, the best thing to do is see for yourself! Just click their pictures and watch the attached videos to see just how funny these guys are! Then, be sure to follow them on their social media so you can find out where they are performing next!

The edmonton muse's top comedians of 2019!