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Odessa Sales Tax Revenue 2012-2015

Economic Indicators

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Economic Indicators


Data is provided by the Texas Comptrolller of Public Accounts. The allocation historical summaries show the total dollars returned to a local sales taxing city. The payments are listed by month and totaled by year. Allocation amounts are dependent upon the timing and accuracy of taxpayers' returns, but generally represent taxes collected on sales made two months or more prior to the allocation payment.

Odessa Jobs

Odessa is a free online job posting website provided by the Odessa Development Corporation. As of September 2015, 387 unique employers were registered and 1,049 jobs were posted. Since July, a total of 57 jobs were added.

JBS Parkway Extension

Odessa Development Corporation and Grow Odessa, a nonprofit dedicated to Odessa’s economic growth, partnered in expanding JBS Parkway to FM 3503 to allow future industrial development in the South Industrial Park. The road is currently under construction.

Waterline Extension on the West Side of Parkway

Grow Odessa plans to extend city water utilities to 50+ acres on the east side of JBS Parkway south of Navasota Dr. to service tracks owned by Grow Odessa and provide developed sites for industrial economic growth. The waterline was recently completed on the West side of JBS Parkway.

Rail Park Project

The Economic Development Department is conducting a feasibility study and soliciting pricing for one of three potential sites for a future rail-served industrial park that is critical for the attraction of new logistics and manufacturing businesses to Odessa.

Strategic Planning Study

The Odessa Development Corporation hired the Barnes Group to conduct the first economic development strategic planning study for Odessa since 1998. The Barnes Group conducted focus groups with stakeholders, business leaders, public service and elected officials to conduct a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) about Odessa. The final strategic plan was adopted by City Council and integrated into the City of Odessa’s General Development Plan.

Odessa Partnership

Odessa Partnership is acting as a steering committee to analyze and recommend solutions to weaknesses and threats to Odessa’s economic development identified by the strategic plan.

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