The Economic Development Pulse First Quarter 2016 - Page 9

Q1. What is significant about Standard Sales Company’s history and unique company structure?

The current owners continue to adhere to Roden’s philosophy of excellence, entrepreneurship and service, which is now engrained in the Standard Sales culture and ongoing success. Keeping Roden’s business model, the company “Grows its own leaders” and promotes to ownership from within. The current 15-member ownership group consists of the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Financial Officer and the branch and sales managers of each operation. Each branch manager operates their branch cost-effectively and with autonomy.

Company-wide decisions, strategic plans and decisions about expansions are handled as a group. Each branch must present a zero-based budget for approval each year, which has encouraged profitability, idea flow and accountability. The team is progressive and innovative but uses only proven and sound business practices. Described as “Conservatively innovative” these qualities have proven to be a successful strategy and have provided the framework to expand operations.

Q2. How does Standard Sales adjust to common workforce issues that other employers may be facing?

Because each branch of Standard Sales Company is managed independently, it can adapt and adjust based on the contingencies experienced on a local level. Managers can address local issues quickly while keeping the entire company in mind. Providing fair wages and benefits, stability in employment and team member recognition are the company’s strategies for employee retention.

By providing a quality work life for the employees, Standard Sales' goal is to maintain a stable workforce with a team who provides outstanding customer service. Managers make hiring choices locally which allows employees to mirror the ethnically diverse community. Additionally, some departments may have three or four generational groups working together. With this generational gap in mind, managers work to understand what motivates employees in order to best train and retain them, as well as, prevent division.

Employees feel assured their jobs are safe if they are providing stellar work.

Outstanding employees will be recognized at each branch on a yearly basis. Additionally, the “Presidential Award of Excellence” is awarded to one employee annually who exemplifies excellence in the workplace with a cash bonus and additional vacation days.

Q3. In today’s economy, how is Standard Sales adapting to changes in the Permian Basin?

The Permian Basin economy is a moving target and Standard Sales Company recalibrates annually. However, one true consistency for this company is that it remains a service-focused company. Standard Sales’ mission states, “Through a commitment to excellence, we will work as a team to increase sales, market share and profitability to ensure the continued growth and prosperity of Standard Sales Company LLP. and its employees.”

During the last two years, Permian Basin employers witnessed an exodus of employees leaving to the oilfield, and it was no different for Standard Sales. Standard Sales experienced hardships maintaining stability within its ranks as employees would train, gain their Commercial Driver’s Licenses, and experience, only to leave for the oil patch. While maintaining a stable workforce in the delivery department continues to be a challenge, Standard Sales employees can rest assured their jobs and benefits are safe which has proven to attract long-term employees.

Q4. How has new technology advanced the distribution industry and improved efficiency?

Beer has been part of American culture since the pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock and today, it is the number one choice for American adults who choose to drink. Standard Sales wants to deliver the freshest product possible to retailers, and technology plays a major part. Fifteen years ago, the sales force sold product or picked product off its trucks while in the market, whereas now, most product will be presold, digitally ordered, picked and delivered the next day. The new warehouse boasts 133,451 square feet of a temperature-controlled warehouse with 26 dock positions and specialized racking with 24 feet of clear height space to provide maximum storage capacity.

The facility features a plethora of energy-efficient attributes ranging from LED fixtures on sensors, an insulated tilt-up wall system and a roofing system with white membrane that reduces cooling and maintenance costs. Because beer is considered a food product and has an expiration date, it must be kept in temperature-controlled warehouses. The design and technological advances have improved efficiency and accuracy especially in the area of pre-selling product and voice automated picking systems.

The use of air-cooled chillers, variable volume air handlers with 100 percent outside air capability and High Volume Low Speed Fans also keep energy costs down and product temperatures constant. Even the water-friendly, low maintenance grounds were designed for conservation and efficiency.