The Drowning Gull 1 - Page 8


by Kelly Glass

disaster \di-zas-tǝr\

1:a sudden or great misfortune

because sometimes things happen, disastrous things,

often sneaking up on you in broad daylight

Categories \'ka-tǝˌ-gȯr-ē\

: a division used in classification

include natural and personal.

Natural \na-chǝ-rǝl\ disasters:

5: of or relating to nature

tornados, tsunamis, mudslides, volcanos

personal \pǝr-sǝ-nǝl\ disasters:

1: of, relating to, or affecting a person:

addictions, infidelity, rejection, abandonment

To survive disasters of any kind, you must

plan \plan\

2: a method for accomplishing an objective:

Build a fallout shelter; own a fireproof safe; purchase a fire extinguisher; buy flood


Be faithful; be honest; communicate; buy life


But what is insurance \in-‘shür-ǝns\

4: a means of guaranteeing protection or safety

against disasters that kill you?

The Drowning Gull