The Drowning Gull 1 - Page 61

wood gathered at the foot of a volcano, blessed by the mightiest gods of the region and carved with the runes of a civilization lost to history- but not to us. The eye can reveal many things. What do you think a window reveals? You will see everything your heart desires through this window. If you take it, the world is but a glance away."

The merchant's pacing hypnotized Kaia. She moved with a grace and poise that made her enchanting to listen to and watch.

Kaia pondered the frame and wondered if she should sacrifice her saved coins on something so frivolous.

"How much do you want for it?" she asked with noticeable hesitation.

"For you? A dreamer, and a seeker of wonder? This item is yours, at no charge," the merchant said.

Kaia's smile matched the merchant's.

"Go!" the merchant urged her.

Kaia ran home, clutching the window frame to her chest and dreaming of what spectacle awaited her.

She entered her house, scooted a chicken outside with her foot and raced up to her bedroom. Kaia placed the frame against a wall and stared into the eye, waiting for something to happen. And waited. And waited.

"Silver-tongued merchant. At least she didn't charge," Kaia whispered. She had given up hope of anything fantastical happening and turned to leave her room.

The room rattled as she approached the door. She gasped; the window frame glowed an emerald green, and the space inside it moved. Kaia saw the world she so desperately wanted to live in. She walked to the window frame and stared, wide eyed, at the scene.

I wonder, she thought, Can I touch it?

Kaia put her hand through the frame.

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