The Drowning Gull 1 - Page 6

I began this literary magazine in February with next to no clue as to where this venture was going to go; I made a website and started interviewing authors and editors about their creative escapades and hoped that it would amount to something.

But while there is no literary magazine without readers, there certainly wouldn't be one without its contributors. And after reading the submissions of so many talented writers, poets, and artists, I can finally see where The Drowning Gull is headed: towards diversity, equality, and change.

This magazine may not continue into the next decade, but the issues of the past will remain online (because, as we all know, what is put on the internet stays on the internet). It will be something that all of its contributors can reflect on, and remember their contributions with pride.

I'd like to thank, first and foremost, the current staff members of The Drowning Gull-- for having enough faith in me and in The Drowning Gull to apply for their positions.

I'd also like to thank the other people who advised me regarding many aspects of this issue and how this first issue would be received. I'm still learning- as are the rest of the staff at The Drowning Gull- and we can guarantee each issue will be more eclectic and exciting than the last.

I hope everyone who reads the inaugural issue of The Drowning Gull will be transfixed by its contents and keep an eye out for the issues to come.

-Tiegan Dakin

The Editor's