The Doppler Quarterly Winter 2019 - Page 39

7. VTAP appliances One of the biggest asks from networking and security profes- sionals has been for the ability to collect and analyze network traffic on Azure, beyond what the Azure Network Monitor provides. Now, within developer pre- view, Azure virtual network TAP (Terminal Access Point) provides continuous mirroring of virtual machine network traffic to a packet collector or analytics tool (provided by a third-party network virtual appliance), without having to use agents. Azure Load Balancer Tools NSG Network Packet Broker Web Tier Subnet Security Operations NSG Monitoring Subnet SQL Application Operations Network Operations Virtual Network TAP App Tier Subnet NSG Forensics VM Production Traffic VM Mirrored Traffic Figure 11: Virtual Network TAP Constant Evolution To use public cloud services at scale, an organization must constantly evolve, adapt and integrate new services based on their internal organizational structures and enterprise architecture standards. This constant evolution can help organizations accelerate their move from pilot projects to production, improve and enhance operational processes and onboard modern application architectures and development techniques, or simplify the architectures of their public cloud environments. Is your organization constantly evolving? WINTER 2019 | THE DOPPLER | 37